The Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals

The Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals traces its beginnings to the Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon Covenant Community as well as to the community movement and Charismatic Renewal from which it sprang.

In July 1980, 24 men met at the Makati Sports Club in what was to be the first Men’s Breakfast of the soon-to-be Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen & Professionals. The initial breakfast flourished with more and more businessmen and professionals attending. This signaled the start of the first Life in the Spirit Seminar, the forerunner of the present Brotherhood Christian Life Program (BCLP). In a span of two years, the first BCBP chapter was established right from where it all started, Makati. By 1984 the fledgling organization split into two chapters with the boundary being the Pasig River. The North Chapter was based in Greenhills, San Juan, the South Chapter remained based in Makati. With this milestone, the BCBP continued to spread its wings the following years with Alabang, south of Metro Manila, being established, followed by Dagupan up in the northwestern Luzon region in 1986.

To date (July 2014), the BCBP has 79 full chapters and 45 outreaches including 1 chapter and several missions in BCBP USA, CANADA and SINGAPORE.

The Philippine Foundation of The Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-stock, non-profit organization. It is fully recognized by the Archdiocese of Manila and in all the Dioceses where it operates nationwide.


The BCBP has the singular distinction of having introduced and sustained the BCBP Christian Men’s Breakfast that has changed the lives of so many businessmen and women and professionals throughout its years of existence. There are more than 120 breakfast venues every week throughout the Philippines where businessmen and women meet for food, fellowship, fun, and inspiration through the life sharing of a fellow Christian. The breakfast is the main entry point into the organization.

Members meet in Action Groups, attend Assemblies and other community activities, and participate in the various trainings and formation programs of the community. The BCBP identifies, trains, and develops Christian leaders to become agents for justice and sound development in the work environment. It also conducts workshops, seminars, and retreats as requested by companies, businesses, and government offices, that discuss and present ways by which the Christian businessman or professional can deal with evil in the marketplace.

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